Saturday, February 17, 2007

Zaks again

I don't mean to be obsessed by numbers (wait, I'm a cricket fan), but its awfully nice to see Zaheer Khan bowl in the 140s tonight at Vizag. Six years ago, I remember watching him bowl at Nairobi, and being struck by the fact than an Indian left-arm quick had actually sent one down at 145 kmph. Zaheer faded away in the years after that, and that speed seemed a distant memory. Now, as his comeback continues, he's gone close to that magic number again - he hit 144 today. Small stuff, I know. But its significance for a young man, who came dangerously close to being consigned to that ever growing heap of 'young Indian cricketer of promise who didn't live up to the hype' is immeasurable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

agarkar also bowled at 140+ in that game. In fact AA's avg speed was higher than Zak's

7:45 PM  

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