Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We'll make do

Over at My Two Cents, Homer has a nice take on the Indian selection for the World Cup. It really is a case of 'on a wing and a prayer', this selection. In some ways, this selection was forced, and so mores the pity.


Blogger Homer said...

Thanks much for the referral Samir.. Much appreciated :).

The real tragedy with the team selection is that it could have been oh so different.

For the first time in living memory, the coach and the captain were on the same page on just about every issue.

A sympathetic Board coupled with a pliant Selection panel meant that the Team Management could get just about what it wanted, no questions asked.

A good stock of young pace bowlers, some old hands and a few new ones,experience coupled with exhuberence, it could have been the best phase in India's cricketing history.

That we had to wait till the last moment to field a team for the World Cup tells its own sorry tale.

But then again.. We are like this only .. :)

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