Thursday, February 08, 2007

My fair city?

And now, here is this extremely depressing piece on the sorry state of Delhi cricket. Delhi has always had a pretty fractitious cricketing scene; plenty of back-biting, disputes, factionalism at its worst (and it didn't help matters that the Ferozeshah Kotla used to be one of the worst test venues in all of India, with a dead pitch, and short boundary lines to boot). But this potential mass exodus of players has taken matters to a new low. After the halcyon days of the late 70s, and early 80s, Delhi cricket hasn't ever taken off properly. Despite the extravagant claims of having produced nine cricketers (sure, but what happened to them), Ranji success hasn't come their way with the same regularity as it used to before, and quite simply, it isn't the force what it used to be. When the players themselves leave, there ain't much left.


Blogger Homer said...


Thanks for your comments and kind words on my blog.

One of my earliest cricketing memories is of Ravi Shastri taking 8/43 against Delhi in the finals of the Ranji Trophy.

For the longest time, Mumbai playing Delhi in the finals of the Ranji Trophy was the contest to die for.

Even in an otherwise ordinary season, the thrill associated with beating Delhi was one to savor.

While I hated the Delhi team whenever we lost, the overwhelming sentiment was one of respect.

It is a tragedy then, that things have come to such a pass, as this robs both Delhi fans and their opponents of a worthy contest.

I hope that Delhi can regain its aura again, if only for selfish reasons - to see Mumbai play Delhi again in the finals of the Ranji Trophy. :)

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