Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The squeeze (on Sri?)

The game has tightened up a bit now, with Udal falling to Pathan, and Pathan bowling a good line to Shah. If nothing else its slowed down England, and put a little more pressure on them to accelerate if they want to press ahead for a win. Kumble against Pietersen promises to be a very nice tussle; I'm looking forward to it. (Gee, Kumble's gone ahead and caught a sharp one off his own bowling to dismiss Pietersen, banging up his knee in the process!)

I just wish I could get Srinath to shut up somehow. Maybe I should shut up about how utterly inane, repetitive, and pointless I find his commentary (after all, I've said words to this effect plenty of times before on this blog). I still fail to understand how he got hired and how he has retained his position. By far the most painful sessions have been his day-end wrap-ups where he seems incapable of sringing together coherent sentences, or answering the question put to him, and is frequently cut-off by Gower.


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