Sunday, March 19, 2006

Google Video for cricket

Slowly, a veritable treasure-trove of cricketing videos is becoming available at Google Video. Go to this link to see what I mean - 29 pages of video clips, small and large, poor and high quality, short and long. Unsurprisingly, like any Internet fora where Indian and Pakistani cricket fans meet, there seems to be some trash talking going on in the descriptions of some of the videos. There are famous catches, match highlights, bloopers, the odd, the quirky, the mundane, the self-glorifying, its all there. As I said, the quality is not uniform (some are simply unwatchable) but slowly the archive is growing. One can only hope that more material is uploaded, and that the mighty masters of cricketing boards and television companies, keen as ever to monetize all digital content associated with the game step back and let cricket fans indulge in a bit of harmless trading. There is no revenue loss going on - and the ICC and all other cricket boards simply benefit. I'm looking forward to going back for another rummage very soon. If you have a video you'd like to share, please do so. I'll see what I can do myself (fer'instance I think the 2002 England-India ODI epic belongs in there - you know which one I'm talking about).


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