Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jockeying for position

Pretty ragged spell by Patel and Sreesanth thus far (with Patel getting taken off now for Kumble). Both were slightly off-line, and only in Sreesanth's last over did he settle into the right line against Shah. It promises to be a difficult day for India, and it doesn't look like the right field has been set for Udal either (no one in the deep for what Nasser claims is his favorite shot: the slog sweep). While much has been made of how open the game is, I suspect India will not stay in the game for too long if there isn't a steady stream of wickets. Pietersen and Flintoff are both waiting back in the dressing room, and if this irritating nightwatchman and perky debutant can hang in a little longer, the stage will have been set for a push towards a very akward declaration. I do not think the ghosts of Nagpur (if any) will bother England. Their outcricket has worked well thus far, and I think they will back themselves to win if the target is above 325.


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