Monday, March 20, 2006

Whats 'e on about?

I supposed I should explain to those readers that might be bemused by my blogging as if everyone else in the world is watching the same telecast as me (or has access to television coverage at all, so that they know what I'm talking about). For so long in the US, I've lived without any live coverage at all, and have developed a sense that the whole world is watching, and I'm not. Now that I can watch the games, its easy for me to slip into the sense that I've just joined a party that everyone has been indulging in for a while. If I'm watching the pre-lunch sessions of tests played in India, I blog on my laptop next to my desktop (the laptop runs Suse Linux 9.0 while on my desktop I'm forced to use the IE/WM combo on Windows required by the stream telecast) and will post several times before I fall asleep. Then I'm off to work in the mornings with no time to blog on the post-tea session, and might only get a chance to blog much later in the day. Given the lack of time, I find it hard to blog on much else besides the India tests currently underway, but hope to diversify a bit when things calm down a bit (yeah, I know, I got opinions on everything).


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