Monday, March 20, 2006

Nass draped in the Three Lions

I must say, you've got to hand it to Nasser Hussain. No matter what, he is capable of finding something in a match situation that works for England. Have England ever, ever, had a captain, or a cricketer for that matter, who so completely wrapped himself up in the Three Lions? In the first test at Nagpur, when his fellow commentator on television pointed out the reverse swing that Indian bowlers were obtaining, Nasser's response was that that would be encouraging for English bowlers. And then today, when Anderson sent a overthrow flying past the bowlers end, allowing Dravid to take an extra run, Nasser's response was, wait for it, that: "thats good, that'll make him run a bit, thats what you want him to do, run a bit more". Wow, Nasser. Maybe he'll run all day. Maybe he'll make England run all day. And then?


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