Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thommo digs it in

The Cricket Blog reports on Jeff Thomson's blast at Shane Watson. Typically colorful Thommo - it comes easy to him. Back in 2002, at our Northern Suburbs (Sydney) Cricket Awards night, we had Thommo come in to hand out the prizes and make a little speech. I dare say it was the most entertaining awards-night stand I've seen. Sledge/quip/joke followed each other in quick session, with most of it hilariously outrageous. In trying to conjure up visions of his Pommie-hating days, Thommo quipped thusly in response to a question about the 74-75 series, "Mate, they'd ask me if I hate the Poms. Let me tell you, I'd get up early in the morning just so I could hate them a couple of hours more".


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