Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Jaffer

This is the first time I've seen Wasim Jaffer bat, and thus far, I'm extremely impressed by him. I'd expected a stodgy Bombay opener, and while he is very solid in his technique, he is also very elegant in his strokeplay. He hits the ball crisply, elbows high, nice drives with a very straight bat and full follow-through, looks calm and composed, and all in all gives hints of being the full package. Dravid and him are hanging in there at the moment as lunch creeps up 20 minutes away. And pleasingly, he uses a bat that has a real brand sticker rather than the ludicrous tyre or bread brands that other Indian batsmen like to show off (sorry, Dravid, your bat looks pretty darn ugly).


Anonymous Rolla said...

The phrase " stodgy Bombay opener" intrigued me. What or who is one of those?

5:25 AM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

I think I was being a bit catty as an old Delhi fan; we tend to think batsmen from Bombay are bores. Of course, Tendulkar is from Bombay, so there goes that theory. But it probably started around the time that Sunny Gavaskar could bat for days and days if he wanted, and was reinforced by chaps like Sanjay Manjrekar, technically correct, but not a very exciting player to watch (well, in my opinion). Jaffer is very correct as I noted, but a real pleasure to watch as well. Thanks for writing in!

7:07 AM  

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