Thursday, March 09, 2006

Promise and gloom

One of those frustrating stop-start days that can occur while playing cricket in North India has just ended. India's procurement of four wickets, including the vital one of Pietersen, will make them feel that they have done well. Which they have. I awoke to see Flintoff walking in, and a few seconds later, realized I had missed seeing Patel take his first test wicket. Good for him, and hopefully, the start of a fruitful career. Patel can hit the 140s (I'd been wondering about this earlier), bowls a decent yorker, and can swing the ball. Whats more, he looks pretty calm and composed out on the field. (Is it just me, or does it seem like the recent crop of tyros coming into the Indian side don't seem to have the nerves that we normally associate with debutants?). I didn't see much of Chawla other than that first over before lunch so I'll reserve judgment (or just my two cents) till I've seen him bowl a longer spell.

Sadly, it looks like rain and poor light will be a factor in this test. Which is all very fine for all the folks watching this in favorable time-zones, with comfy couches to take quick naps in. For those of stuck in sleep-deprivation zones, watching this on 19-inch flat panels (that puts me into the luxury stands, I guess), while sitting on office chairs, this is bad news.


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