Thursday, March 09, 2006

The BCCI goes nuts

Thats it. I've lost it for the BCCI. Read this excerpt from a news report about India-Pakistan matches being played in Dubai:

"Lalit Modi, the BCCI vice-president, also added that the board had served notices to various mobile phone operators who were offering scores on SMS, demanding a share of revenues. "A case is pending in the Madras High Court. If the mobile providers are charging their customers, we rightfully deserve a share from them since it's essentially our property."

Your property? Cricket scores of matches played by the Indian team are your property? Gawd, I hope you lose this case so badly it hurts. I've had my worries about this new BCCI for a while but this just confirms it (I've offered some defenses of them in this blog, against what I thought were petty snipes, but it seems like I've been defending the wrong folks).

Hey, tell you what, Lalit. I'm going to offer the Indian team's cricket scores on my blog. Sue me. Bring it on. Watch me give the scores away.


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