Sunday, August 09, 2009

Nice way to wrap up

Post-match presentation ceremonies can be painful, so I'm glad to report that the one that followed the fourth Ashes test was an outstanding one. Atherton asked some sensible questions of both captains (he was a bit relentless with Strauss), and both Strauss and Ponting played their roles perfectly: the former the contrite, yet determined to make good, loser, the latter, the gracious and confident victor (declining to acknowledge the Western Terrace was a good move!). And then North wrapped up things with a pointed and sensible emphasis on "patience."

So thats 1-1. All to play for, as they say, at the Oval. One can only hope that a competitive English side shows up. This performance was ludicrous; the indisciplined, incompetent batting and bowling on display did not do them any credit. But for the lower-order shenanigans on the third day, the margin of defeat would have been worse than the already-heavy innings and 80 runs.

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Blogger Cricket Tragic said...

A good outcome for England from this test would be a hard look at the batting composition of the side, especially the batsmen. The only way you could possibly take only 6 batsmen in a Test line-up is if at least 4 of them are in good form, or if you have a very reliable No.7 (like how SL had Vaas) who is willing to grind it out for the sake of the batsman at the other end....sadly, Broad and Swann are the type who like to have a go when things are easy..they could be called (in JL's terms) 'pussies' when the going gets tough.

I would seriously consider what David Gower said in a recent column in some newspaper and bring in Trott and Key (or maybe even Ramps) in place of Harmison and Bell (or Bopara).

However, this brings up another problem..if England are finding it hard to bowl out Australia with 4 batsmen, how, in the name of the good God, can they possibly do it with 4?

Hard questions to be answered if they are to level the series..but, IMHO, Australia have got this Ashes series...they put in a truly Aussie performance when it really mattered and have got this series by the scruff of the neck.

Mark my words, don't be surprised if you see England going on the defensive from day 1 @ The Oval!

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