Monday, April 20, 2009

IPL Balance Sheet - II

Yesterday was the first chance to see whether I would start caring about teams in the IPL. So far, not so much. Delhi played yesterday and it didn't really register. The rain interruptions and the asinine time-out didn't help. Too early, I know, so lets see how it goes.

In the second game, I thoroughly enjoyed the little Edwards v. Ganguly matchup. And watching RP Singh bowl: that lad is a good 'un. How I wish we could get him back in the Indian side soon. His passion is great to watch, and makes for a pleasant change from looking at mope-all-day Patel.

Continuing the theme of "what I don't like": images of team owners. I don't like them in the NFL or MLB either.

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Blogger Satish Srinivasan said...

RP was dropped because, he did not bowl well-enough in _that_ chennai pitch against South Africa, where Sehwag matter-of-factly scored 319 runs.

RP is a totally different bowler overseas. Remember his bowling against Michael Hussey in the 2007-2008 Australian tour?

10:05 AM  
Blogger Shailesh said...

Hey Samir,

You might like this:

Hope RP goes on to cement his place from here on..

9:08 AM  

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