Sunday, October 12, 2008

Escape acts and crabbiness

I spent most of yesterday trudging around in Wilke Barre, Pennsylvania, trying to convince the good folks there it was a good idea to vote for Obama. I did manage to find the time to check the overnight score to find out that India had made it to 313-8, a very good escape act. I didn't manage to find a way to work that fact into any conversations with undecided voters though. If someone had actually pushed me in that direction, I'd have said I was hopeful that India would further reduce the lead in the morning and then hopefully trigger an Australian collapse. Well, when I awoke this morning (after resting my sore feet), I found some part of that had come true. India had made it to 360 (and Ishant had played some 30 balls, thus further confirming that he's trying to be Gillespie in both hair and batting), and Australia had lost two crucial wickets before the score was 50. Perhaps the painful Katich performance that followed was inevitable. And perhaps just as inevitable was his dismissal after hitting a boundary. Too unsettling. Still, Australia do lead by over 170 now, and there are 23 overs left today. Some steady batting by the Aussies could see them declare tomorrow and leave India to bat some 72 overs while chasing 300+. Or India could induce a little panic. But given the two skippers at hand, I'm not inclined to think that anything overly dramatic will happen by way of aggressive captaincy. Theres a good chance of a draw, but I wouldn't write off anything as yet.


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