Monday, June 02, 2008

Chanders in vain

The West Indies are close to conceding a 125 runs lead to the Aussies in the Antigua test. If rain doesn't interfere, the Aussies will have perhaps some 55 overs of batting today (barring a miraculous last-wicket stand that goes on and on). What interests me most at this moment is to see how hard the Aussies will drive their batting today. The Windies batting will not worry them unduly I think (with regards to making a run chase for a 350 plus target tomorrow), and so, optimistically, if they try hard enough, they could even put the Windies back in later today. Lee has completely blown away the lower-order, and that will not be reassuring the Windies at all. A bit of a struggle lies ahead for Sarwan's lads (and another shot at glory for Chanderpaul, who has once again, outdone himself with a battling innings).


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