Saturday, March 18, 2006

Just a bit puzzled

I'd just like to go on the record real quick: why is India bowling after having won the toss on this pitch? Is the pitch that conducive to seam and pace? Given that India have picked three 'quicks', why is Kumble bowling shortly after the first hour's play ended? Think about it; you put someone in with three seamers/pacers and an hour later your spinner is bowling? There is something slightly absurd about this situation: whether its a 'dustbowl' or a 'greentop' or whether India goes in with five bowlers or not, the team has only one plan of attack: the seamers come on for a bit - no matter how many of them there are - and then the spinners come on. And why is Kaif fielding? I can't even figure out who he is subsituting for; its only the first half-hour for crying out loud!. Sigh; I'm confused; hopefully, it'll become a bit clearer in the next hour or so. Or perhaps not; too much about Indian cricket is all about getting to the penultimate step and then faltering. They were 1-0 up; was that too exciting to sustain? For the life of me, I don't get why India is not batting right now. There is something a little too clever about this decision to put England in to bat. As always, I'm happy (and hoping) to be proven wrong. (but, honestly, I think this is a stupendously wrong decision)


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