Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lunchtime and OBOs

I dare say that the pre-lunch session has ended with England still slightly in front, just because its the last day and three wickets are down, but India must be feeling better as well. Tendulkar is looking a whole lot better, and Dravid has been quietly blocking one end. Flintoff's morning spell was a beauty (truly worrying for an Indian fan to watch) and Hoggard was spot on as well. This is truly test cricket at its best, and the post-lunch session will nicely set up things for what promises to be a very tense last session.

I've been watching the over-by-over commentary at the Guardian and at the Times, and the contrast is striking. Theres lots of larking about at the Guardian, with invitations to write in (and diversions into complaining about television coverage of the Commonwealth Games) while the Times is pretty deadpan restricting itself to describing the fashion. I wonder what that is reflective of? English obsession with Australia (and vice-versa) or ADD? Incidentally four years ago, I had spent an hour or so doing a bit of larking around with Booth as well while Dravid scored a double ton on the 2002 tour of England. (Back then, I was esconced in Harlem).


Blogger drsundeep said...

Well, now that the match is well and truly lost, the lesser said about Sachin's match saving (forget about winning) ability, the better! Can you cite ONE decent exemple, where even one of Sachin's "record breaking" 35 hundreds has managed to save a test match, let alone win? I doubt ! Compare this with Dravid's each one of his 23 hundreds, all of which have been made either to save or win a test match! Remember Sachin's 136 v/s Pakis in Chennai '98? He got out with 17 runs left to win, FULLY AWARE THAT AFTER HIM THERE WAS NO ONE TO SCORE! And how did he get out? Attempting a 3rd sucessive boundary off Saqlain. Now everyone can put scores of arguements as to why others in the team couldn't score those 17 runs, but can u imagine Steve Waugh or Ponting or Inzy doing a similar thing? Where was Sachin when India needed only 120 runs to win in the last innings of the Barbados test in 1997? Fact is, he's NEVER there when we need him the most (in tests I mean). No doubt he's the world's greatest batsman, blah , blah......., but what about the utility of his innings? Today was his best chance to close the mouths of his detractors )like me!) once and for all, but that was not to be! I think, Sachin should hang up his boots now rather than risk being booted out!

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