Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chronicle of a disaster foretold ....

Here is what I wrote on my Facebook message just as the day's play was about to start at the MCG:

"I have this horrible feeling that all will go wrong. Hussey and tail will add another 50+ Sehwag will fall early. Dravid will potter and potter and get out. Sachin will flatter to deceive. VVS will fall and act as if it was the greatest delivery ever. Dhoni and Gauty will give slip catching practice and Virat will smack a full toss down mid-wicket's throat. I expect to be in deep despair in about three hours' time. So pray tell me: why do I watch????!"

Barring some trivial changes, the above could well be a report on the actual proceedings as they unfolded rather than a prediction. There's got to be something wrong with a team when an average fan can predict how the day will go with such accuracy.


Blogger Rohit_blogger at said...

you are right,India is far too dependent on too few a blokes,Sachin,
Dravid,Zaheer to be precise..With so limited options,I'm afraid we can't win a testmatch this Aus series!
The wall,a unsung hero

8:36 AM  

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