Monday, November 14, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why Empty Stands Are Bad for TV

Ten reasons why low attendance at cricket games (test, ODI, T20) makes for a poorer television spectacle:
  1. Soundtrack for boundaries is missing
  2. Soundtrack for falling wickets is missing
  3. Soundtrack for bowler-plus-crowd appeal goes missing
  4. Soundtrack for dramatic entries or exits is missing
  5. Colorful backdrop for action shots of batsman turns into rows of seats
  6. Backdrop of exuberant fans with arms raised as bowlers celebrate a wicket is missing
  7. No witty banners, no outrageous costumes; in short, no carnival
  8. Soundtrack for feats shown on large screen televisions at ground is missing
  9. No standing ovations possible
  10. Television spectator likely to wonder why he is wasting his time watching a game that one seems to care enough for to actually watch at stadium


Anonymous aks@cricket info live score said...

good points indeed

8:15 AM  
Anonymous live cricket streaming said...

very true .. empty stands are no good sight even for a tv viewer and i can make out this thing in most of the matches nowadays especially at the eden gardens :(

3:37 AM  
Anonymous Cricket Blog said...

Nice points.
It's also why I think the over-saturation of cricket tournaments is harming the game.

- Rory

4:05 PM  
Anonymous T20 world cup 2012 Schedule said...

Cricket Boards do not care about the empty stands. They are already earning much more money from the TV rights. Why shall they even bother about the selling tickets.

But its bad for game of cricket, watching live cricket match from stands is amazing feeling. cheers with thousands fans, jokes with other teams fans is still fun.

Nice list though you have pointed out...

3:11 AM  

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