Monday, October 31, 2011

New Twitter Feed

I have a new Twitter handle, on an account (#EyeOnThePitch), on which I plan to track blog posts made here and on The Pitch. My motivation for the name should be apparent; at times it's seemed like all I was doing on Eye on Cricket was tracking posts on The Pitch. I'm not sure how busy I will be on Twitter but at the very least I will post links to my blog posts there.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pakistani Fast Bowler Factory Still Functional

So I woke up this morning to find that a new Pakistani paceman is in town: Junaid Khan, who has taken five wickets against Sri Lanka (at Abu Dhabi; it's a long story, don't ask). Khan has an impressive action, decent pace, and from the little I managed to see, a very good short-pitched ball. Yet again, there is a fast bowler in Pakistani ranks who looks like he has undergone some pretty impressive finishing at fast-bowler-production facility. I have no idea of how it happens again and again, but it has. Make sure you catch some of the test match action that will now be available in this series; fast bowlers are always fun to watch.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back in Business?

Things have been, shall we say, a tad slow here at Eye on Cricket. I notice that the last post went up more than a month ago, which is a bit shocking. But not really that surprising. The academic year started, classes kicked off, and I became more busy. But that's not all. I also finished my book manuscript then, and sent it off to the publishers. And at that stage, I realized that I was really, truly, sick and tired of writing about modern cricket and needed to take a break. Writing a book uses the brain cells as blogging, and I was saturated. (To be honest, I've become sick and tired of following modern cricket on the Internet; the endless bickering about the same old issues again and again is wearing me out).

I haven't entirely idle of course; I've been blogging at The Pitch at Cricinfo, and in the past few weeks have put up: a piece on how the modern cricketing archive enables the cross-checking of one's childhood memories; a celebration of discovering old cricket books on a trip back to India; a tribute to Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi; my tuppence on the recent Akhtar-Tendulkar imbroglio; and lastly, a note on a particularly obsessive manifestation of cricketing fandom.

I will still be blogging regularly at The Pitch, and with this post, hope to get back to more regular blogging. I'm recovering slowly from my sated feeling (I couldn't bring myself to write anything about the Champions T20 tourney for instance).