Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recording fielder's statistics

Monday, October 19, 2009

Giving up and hoping

Yes, its true. I checked out for a while. I've tried on a couple of occasions this year to get excited about T20 cricket. It didn't work in the IPL; it worked in the WC; and it hasn't worked in the Champions League. I think I'm going to give up on club cricket. I'm too much of an old fart clearly. I consider myself a pretty flexible person but I don't think this format will work for me. I've given it a decent shot; time to call curtains.

That said, I'll probably pay some attention to the T&T team in the Champions League, just because it's nice to see a West Indies team do well, and just because Daren Ganga did make a big deal about representing the Windies in this tourney.

That done, the India-Australia ODI series awaits and while I think the seven-match series is typical overkill, I will still catch parts of it. I will be in a much more favorable timezone for part of the series (as I will be traveling in Taiwan for a week) so that should help a little bit.

Unfortunately, I find myself afflicted by a sneaky feeling of hollowness: when the team gathered to play on the world's stage this year, it fell down. I suspect only a test win against the Proteas next year will help. Fingers crossed.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Champions League optimism

Right. Delhi vs. Victoria today, and I'm keen to see how things turn out. The club version of the game as played in the IPL failed to make a fan out of me. I suspect I will be more enthused by the version that features some international edge to it, insofar as I can make some sort of facile nation vs. nation encounter out of it. Delhi vs. Victoria is a particularly clearcut example of that, and it helps that Gambhir and Sehwag are opening. India openers but Delhi boys first.

Go Delhi.