Thursday, May 14, 2009

Still looking for an IPL team


Blogger Subash said...

I read the post at diff strokes and am here to post the comments. I left the Indian shores in '98 and have followed the game on internet and satellite dish. I do not agree with your opinion, you've expressed. I am from Chennai, so I have a team to root for. In fact, during today's match, I wanted Praveen Kumar to fail and Jacob Oram to not give away the runs. (It wasn't to be, Alas!). I hated Mattie Hayden's guts when he represented the Aussies and in fact was even booing him from the boundary while he was warming up for the match against Bangladesh in Antigua (WC super 6 match). God I absolutely hated the way he walked down the pitch and smacked people. Of course, I absolutely love the way he skips down now and is the leading run getter of IPL 2. I know a lot of people that watch the IPL and they have their teams. In my opinion, you are in the minority - not that you'd really care.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous adverbin said...

I have been a BRC fan and their poor performances drove me to despair. I still dare not hope for a win aginst DC and a semi final spot for fear of crashing expectations. I am unable to appreciate good cricket played by rival teams.
My point? You are a lucky b*****d who can sit back and savour the cricket. And do not tell me there has been no good cricket!

1:52 AM  

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