Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Really, Beefy?

So, today, while watching the third day's play of the England-West Indies test at the ARG, I thought that Ian Botham's unwavering insistence that England enforce the follow-on in case the West Indies couldn't avoid it was, quite frankly, one of the silliest things I've heard a supposedly expert commentator say. For the record, it had been a hot day, Harmison was decidedly crook, Flintoff was clearly injured, England's lead was likely to be around 250 or so, the pitch was not getting easier to bat on, and an offspinner was taking wickets. Under that set of circumstances, why someone wouldn't want to bat again and rack up another 170-200 runs before creating a fourth innings pressure cooker was beyond me. Sir Beefy kept insisting that England "go for the jugular" but I'm not sure what he thought they were going to use as a weapon. And when reminded of the injuries his response was, "Well, are they going to get better in a day?". Well, perhaps not, but the two bowlers in question would have had some rest. Sometimes Botham is so caught up in his hard man act, its hard to tell whether one should take him seriously (OK, I know the answer to that one, but it was still a bit strange to watch). Talking to him was Nasser, who is a hard man in his own right, and his expression was giving the game away. He clearly wanted to be on his hands and knees, looking for that lost set of marbles.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Hasn't he read the VVS-Dravid clause?

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