Saturday, February 07, 2009

"Just like the old days"

Yes, indeed, Nasser, just like the "old days". Jerome Taylor, with his first ball after lunch, sends Kevin Pietersen's off-stump flying with a beautiful delivery that seems to be drifting just a little towards leg, but is in fact, heading inexorably towards the timber. And the stump does a few neat cartwheels before finally lying supine, as if to say it had had enough. And the young quick takes off on a run of his own, the now-well-established "catch me if you can" routine. Sabina Park, of course, goes wild. What scenes. What scenes indeed, and what a reminder of what the cricketing world misses when the West Indies are not at the top of their game. Come on lads, can't you do this more often? God only knows the world of test cricket needs it.

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