Monday, March 10, 2008

Trying to set new lows

I found England's batting performance in the first test against New Zealand to be nothing short of bizarre. Batting at the rate that England managed in the first innings is only pardonable if your opposition has gone for a low score, and done so very quickly. So, say, had New Zealand been dismissed for 100-odd on the first day, England might have been justified in taking as long as they did to score 348; they'd have ended up with a lead of over 200, and they'd have bored their opponents to tears. But England were facing 470. So what were they thinking? Did they even discount the possibility that they could get to within striking distance of New Zealand and then put them under a little pressure in the second innings? (Imagine how New Zealand would have felt at the end of the fourth day if their first innings lead had been 22, rather than 122). But England managed to get all of it spectacularly wrong, and are down 0-1 now. As far as batting performances go, this was a disastrously bad one: the wrong pace, the wrong attitude, and then to top it all off, (as if to make sure nothing else could compete), England threw a last-day collapse into the mix. I'm going to have to cast about a bit to find one by the Indian team thats as bad (but its out there, don't worry).


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