Thursday, July 19, 2007

Groaning at monopolies

This is getting to be ludicrous. I've bought cricket telecast packages from, and almost every time, I've regretted it. They manage to mess up some part of the deal somehow. Either the promised highlights aren't delivered, or they are of poor quality, or the audio is missing, or two days of a test are not included, or something else. Now, this morning, we have the sight of the video being streamed but with teeth-grinding muzak being played over it (I know that their page says the telecast begins at 6AM EDT, but common sense dictates you show the preliminaries, at least on the first day of a test). So, we can't watch the toss or the captain's discussions. I've written to willow before, each and every single time one of their latest snafus takes place, and it hasn't helped too much. Its 2007, and while cricket coverage in the US has improved, we're still stuck in a situation that is intolerable. One company, Dish, controls all the television rights, and they license them to Willow exclusively (not allowing anya la carte deals, which are absolutely necessary to allow some flexibility for the customers given the god-awful differences in timezones and people's work schedules). Pardon my language, but we're getting screwed, and its not getting any better.


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