Thursday, June 28, 2007

A letter to Cricinfo

Folks, I think you need to acknowledge you have a problem with your England-centric coverage. I wrote an email some months ago, referring to an article by Andrew Miller (on eleven great comebacks in test cricket), which sparked an irate, defensive response from Andrew himself. Now, check out this latest piece by Martin Williamson on unusual interruptions for play. This article is the best illustration of how it seems to some of your writers that cricket is only played in, or by, England. Look at the interruptions listed:

  1. Snow - county cricket
  2. Plague - county cricket, school cricket in England
  3. Cold - county cricket
  4. Heat - county cricket again
  5. Sun - oh, wait, now its one-day cricket in England
  6. Eclipse - a test involving England
  7. Bomb threat - woah, England again!
  8. Elections - oh, its the Rest of the World against England
  9. Death - a test involving, wait for it, England!
  10. Politics - of course, who else, England

Just off the top of my head, I could point you to the Bangalore test in the 1978-79 series between the West Indies and India (sorry, England wasn't playing). The last day was called off because of the fear of political unrest in the city (the test was poised for a great finish; check out the archives).This was a test, and a real, high-quality cricketing situation was developing, and it was cruelly denied us. But the test was played in India, and it didn't involve England. Perhaps thats why it doesn't register on radars anywhere.



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