Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I've seen some corkers in my time when it comes to bad lbw decisions (I did after all, watch most of India's games against Pakistan in the 1980s), but this one by Rudi Koertzen against Chamara Silva has got to be one of the worst of all time. Here is Cricinfo's understated description of this dismissal.

34.3 Bond to Silva, OUT, unlucky! Bond switches to a fuller length, gets it to angle in from outside off stump, Silva gets stuck deep in the crease, jabs the bat down onto it, gets a relatively thick inside-edge back onto the pads - an awkward noise, if ever there was one - and after a couple of seconds Koertzen raises the finger. Unfortunate decision for Silva

LPC Silva lbw b Bond 21 (36m 33b 0x4 1x6) SR: 63.63

As Michael Holding just pointed out, Koertzen's earpiece should be checked to see if its functioning properly. In any case, with Jaywardene's innings becalmed, and with Silva, the Sri Lankan's perky dynamo gone, some hard work is going to be needed to get this effort back on track.


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