Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Fazeer Mohammed pens a thoughtful piece on how West Indian legends have rarely managed to engineer a suitable ending for their careers. As I read it though, I chanced upon the following line, written about Sir Garfield Sober's less-than-perfect last test (England won by 26 runs on the back of an outstanding bowling performance, by,wait for it, Tony Grieg, who took 13-156):
but when it came to his actual final Test, there were no such heroics, being bowled by off-spinner Pat Pocock on the last day of the fifth Test at the Queen's Park Oval as England squared the 1974 series 1-1.
Now, I'll admit to being a cricketing nerd, and for some reason, I've always remembered that Sobers last test innings was "G.S Sobers b Underwood 20". And so I went and checked that test, and I was right. Someone tell Fazeer. (In case you are wondering why I remember this so clearly, its because a) Tony Cozier's excellent book on fifty years of West Indian test cricket featured a black-n-white photograph of the unfortunate event and b) I used to be a huge fan of Derek Underwood and always thought it appropriate that he was the one to have dismissed the great man in his last innings).


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