Monday, May 23, 2011

The Willow TV Saga - update

Sorry for the lack of updates on the Willow TV saga. As of now, here are how things stand:
  1. After Devanshu's story on how Willow TV seemed to have gone out of business was posted, the Willow TV CEO, Vijay Srinivasan contacted both Devanshu and myself, stating that they were still in business
  2. I spoke with Vijay on the phone, who went on to explain that the site had been undergoing back-end maintenance after the World Cup
  3. I pointed out that a simple notice on the site explaining this to customers would have been useful, as would have an automated reply from the support account
  4. Over the next couple of days, I spoke on the phone with support in India, who repeated some of Vijay's information, and also told me the Pakistan-West Indies series was in fact, not to be shown in the US. Again, I suggested a notice would have helped
  5. As of now, it appears there is a notice that the Pak-WI series is not available for US viewers and finally, it appears monthly subscriptions are available again

Finally, I hope Willow have learned from this experience. If your website is the face you present to the world, it behooves you to keep it looking good i.e., informative, topical and easy-to-use.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, the after sales service is pathetic

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, the web URL is that of the DROID app. This is the 4th time that I have reported this very issue. Seems like they need some Change Management rules.

Secondly, I have asked numerous times for a number to call to report issues like this or even get a password. I'm still waiting!!

How long does it take to reply to an email. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic!!!!!

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Hi Samir,
I am a monthly subscriber (auto pay) and not have any problems viewing programs (except for the occasional lag). I just checked (1:43 pm PDT) and can view both day 1 of England vs. Sri Lanka and any of Pakistan/WI matches. Living in San Diego,CA I am forced to watch 90% of the matches on tape delay (only matches coming from Australia and NZ fit my schedule).

Hope this helps

Jeff in San Diego.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks for blogging on this. I have been a bit disappointed with Willow TV recently. After the World Cup, it took them ages to get the site updated. Today, first day of the England Sri Lanka test match, the streaming over Roku was pretty poor and basic and not up to what had been promised. I hope things improve a bit. At the very least, as you say, they need to keep their loyal customers informed.

8:39 PM  

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