Friday, May 06, 2011

Fire in Babylon - La Cuarta Parte

Over at Ducking Beamers, Rohan thinks Satadru and I don't appreciate the "amount of work" the filmmakers put in to make Fire in Babylon. I think I appreciate the amount of work they put in, but in any case, thats beside the point, surely? If a work of art fails, it fails; my job as viewer is to point out what I felt missing and why it didn't work for me in particular, someone that has a particular perspective on cricketing and West Indian history. When Martin Scorsese produced a bunch of turkeys after The Age of Innocence, I didn't think it was because he wasn't working hard enough; it was because he wasn't doing things right. Hard work can still go wrong; thats what makes producing good works of art so frustratingly hard.

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Anonymous duckingbeamers said...

This is a fair point, Samir. I think I meant it a tad differently -- that is, the logistical complexity of the movie may have led to some editorial choices. You're right to suggest that's not the viewer's concern, but it does help understand the film's direction.

Then again, as Russ suggests, it was a conscious decision by the filmmakers to exclude non-West Indian sources, so my point is completely invalid!

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