Thursday, September 25, 2008

Irani blues

Gee, Munaf, word is you were acting all tough today? When playing against Delhi in the Irani Trophy? How about showing some of that fire when you don India colours? You know, like not taking 2 overs to warm up? Or not backing away when the ball is on the stumps? Or putting in a real serious chase when you are fielding?

More seriously, Delhi seem to have gone under badly in the Irani, and it will take a serious fightback to get them back on track. From a less provincial perspective, Badrinath's partnership with Dravid seems to be blossoming, and it will be interesting see how this pair does tomorrow. Advantage: Rest of India. And given the vagaries of the pitch and the presence of Bhajji and Kumble, things do look tough for the lads. But who could ask for anything more than a tough game featuring the best in the land - especially as preparation for a tough test series.


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