Sunday, July 22, 2007

Those elusive twenty wickets

If India's overrated batting line-up has the time they should consider this: the team's bowling attack has taken 20 wickets in an overseas test and dismissed the opposition for less than 300 in both innings. Theres been a great deal of moaning and groaning about India's bowling over the years but now, they've done what they'd have been asked to do. If the bowlers had said to the captain, "Skip, we'll dismiss the opposition for sub-300 scores each time", he'd have taken it every time. When will the batting line-up deliver?


Anonymous straight point said...

for all the mayhem of first day we should bow to our bowling attack, the way they have brought back us in the game not once but twice!! its for their bowling that we are still in the match which could have been over by now by all i take a bow for our bowlers who are are carrying with them the “WORLD FAME” batting line-up…

its high time that our BIGGER THAN GAME stars starts delivering. if the collective experience of 50 years and around 40K runs produces such a batting display against almost second rung bowling attack i am afraid we are better served with youngsters who will brought at least hunger and purpose to batting if nothing else...DK being the case in point…

remember for these certain youvraj had to sit out and i dare say more youngsters will meet the same fate until unless the message is delivered to our seniors that you can go this much far on your past and better display some intent now…

specially for ST...its high time that he sort out how he wants to play from now on coz it is becoming increasingly painful to watch him dab, dribble and by the time he will retire it will erase all the name he has earned for himself in past…

BTW, when was the last time one remembers him playing match winning or saving performance specially in IInd innings...and yesterday was no different we should not be disappointed at all as this has been the norm

3:48 AM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

Straight Point:

It'd be nice to get our batting and bowling in sync; once a first-innings lead of nearly 100 had been conceded, we were always going to be playing catch-up. I agree, the bats really need to deliver in the series but they might be past their best years. Thats why its a pity that some of the youngsters like Yuvraj, Kaif and Raina failed to make their case in stronger terms.

SRT's problems seem to be that he is expending all his energy in surviving, not leaving him with many offensive options.

6:44 PM  

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