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Silver bullets

There is a good point being made in the comments below by anonymous. Its best not to confuse the proclamations made by the media - largely infused with wishful thinking - with the self-assessments of a bunch of professionals. Certainly, Dravid or Chappell never promised anyone the world, and have been very measured in their assessments of the team's progress (there is a great deal in their interviews about the team's rebuilding being a long process). Its very easy to imagine, as one surveys the gap between the Indian team's performances and the breathless announcements of their imminent rise to the top made by the media the moment they win a match, that the players aren't keeping up. All they aren't keeping up with is the inflated sense of expectation. One should be wary of the impatience that underwrites most of these writings. This is evident in the urge to find a silver bullet the moment the latest disaster to come along strikes Indian cricket. Whatever the full story behind Ganguly's dropping from the Indian team, the sharp rise in the insistence that he be dropped (Dileep Premchandran over at Cricinfo being a good example) led me to think that these folks imagined that Ganguly was responsible for all that was wrong with Indian cricket: the catching problems, the last-day collapses (such as the one at Bangalore last year, which was blamed almost exclusively on Ganguly), the failure to finish off matches, and so on. Well, a year on, the problems still exist. If we are to praise the Dravid-Chappell combine for the introduction of youngsters and the new fighting spirit, lets not forget that Ganguly was famous for precisely those things, and whats more, the most famous wins both home and abroad came on his watch: Kolkata 2001, Headingley 2002, Adelaide 2003, Kandy 2001, or getting to the final of the World Cup in 2003. Ganguly was on his way out, but lets not imagine that he took all that was problematic with him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ganguly was really a victim of a conspiracy! Many are there behind the screen. The traitors include people from many quarters: selectors, BCCI officials, (envious) former players, foreign interest groups and finally the "media mafia."
It was for appeasing the Southern faction and getting their vote that BCCI (then Dalmiya) removed Ganguly from Captaincy for a while and given the post to Dravid. The move backfired. They did not win the election and therefore Ganguly was out for ever (if Dalmiya had won the election Ganguly would have become Captain again). As a weapon to punish Dalmiya the new governing body attacked Ganguly in all aspects and manners (omission, selection, omission, 12th man role, and false allegations).
Look at what happened in Zimbabwe. After scoring the century and since being captain he was answering media to their querries. Bhogle asks him about the conversation with Chappel and asks "whether he has been asked to step down?" Ganguly says "yes." He just answered only the question. What was the news around? Ganguly went to the media (as if only for this purpose the media conference was conevened) and spoke about the spat with Chappel and made it public. Who is the real culprit? It is either Bhogle or the one from whom Bhogle got the news, but not Ganguly. I have read the letter of Chappel published in a news paper. I have followed the chronolgy of events that Chappel has noted down. According to that order of events, just after becoming the coach he started asking other players about Ganguly and he states in that many had negative opinions. It shows that Chappel had vested interests, biased views regarding Ganguly. It is he who started the division in the team and not Ganguly. Later developments show how much Chappel was correct ...
More's attitude towards Ganguly should be read in connection with Abhijit Kale issue, in which Ganguly's public stand for Kale really irritated More..
The Western anger against Dalmiya really contribted for Ganguly acquiring a bad image, BBC and mainly Cricinfo are behind this along with English tabloids. The then emerging poster boy fo English cricket, Flintoff really contribute to this bad image. This image really deprived Ganguly what he deserved ( He may the only player of his calibre who has not given the Wisden cricketer award even after having more than 5000 runs in Tests and 10000 runs in ODIs).
Coming to the media Mafia, there are many to name severely attacking him for everything and nothing. Their success was that they were unanimous in attacking. It starts from Peter Roubeck in Hindu. He is the master of all conspiracies and everything starts from him. Then come Anand Vasu, Dileep Premachandran, rahul Bhattacharya, S. Rajesh, George Binoy (they still think that British are ruling India). These are the permanent orbituary writers in Cricinfo. They make their living by Ganguly-bashing!
Then there is our eminent Harsha Bhogle, but now he is very silent and writes very abstract stupidities as if they are highly philosophical truths. He is the Indian version of Roubeck (better read Sakuni).
There is a newspaper completely kept apart for Ganguly bashing, Indian Express! An example for destructive journalism. Anybody can sue them for defamation! TOI was there, however, later they changed their attitude. There is an expert called Prem Panicker on rediff, infamous for his BLog without provision for comments. He was afraid for a while when he was attacked by the Ganguly supporters. Poor chap, for a couple of days he is very silent! There are innumerable number of writers and experts who made their living by Ganguly bashing like, Anand Philar, Kadambari Murali (Read the current piece on sachin and you can see how biased a journalist can be comparing it with his writings on ganguly), Harish Dugh, Gulu Ezekiel (if you want to know what is double standard just read what he writes Sachin and compare that with what he writes Ganguly). There ex-players Bishen Sigh Bedi! Dungarpur, Srinath (his only problem is that for him world is Karnataka). Shastri, Srikanth....against all these attacks and mockings Ganguly scored runs and gave India victories! Who cares! There was felicitations of many knid recently 500 wickets, 132 tests, 100 tests! Did Ganguly deserve anything for his 10000 runs? Who cares?
Two series are laready lost in Tests no lamentaion by the media now? No one writes about these, even orbituary writers are silent. Captain Dravid dropped most catches recently, who cares? If it was Ganguly could you imagine the mayhem? Bias your name is INDIAN MEDIA.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,
Pls dont indulge in some wishful conspiracy theories and Southern faction. If u want to do so, pls start writing novels, this is not the place. Well the same media is now asking for Dravid to be dropped and Ganguly bought back. Boss give some objective comments and analysis.
Boss i read Prem Panicker blogs, and i have written comments on his blogs, so pls tell me which blogs have u read, where u couldnt post comments. U know the problem with Indian cricket is so called fans like u Anon, who cant see beyond ur fav player, and keep indulging in wild conspiracy theories.
Anyway Samir comming back to ur post, but it's been happening since 1984 right.I mean that was the year from which i started watching cricket closely. Whenever we lose, we never used to do a Root Cause Analysis, the way we do in IT side, its always off with his head, off with that guy's head. We r only interested in hiring and firing people, without ever even bothering to tackle the real issues. Every time we lost badly we needed a scapegoat.
In 1985 it was Gavaskar, 1987 it was Kapil Dev, 1996 it was Azhar, 2005 it was Ganguly and i guess sooner or later its going to be Dravid. We r not a cricket loving nation, we have lost that right. We r just a narrow minded rabble rousing mob, who can never look at the bigger picture nor understand that a game is a game.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

BTW my name is Ratnakar, so that u dont get confused with Anon 1.

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