Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pick one, c'mon

While waffling on nostalgically about his old friend, Ian Blackwell, Paul Coupar makes the following good point (in his tour diary, which has been unremarkable thus far):

"Some people think cricket can be enjoyed purely as an art form. Asked who they support, they say “I’m a supporter of cricket.” But if you don’t care who wins, then something important is surely lost, reducing the game to a series of moves, like non-contact martial arts or ballet."

Indeed, why bother watching otherwise? I've often been termed a 'neutral' supporter by my friends and family but all this means is that I follow games that don't involve India. But even in those games, I have favorites. The pecking order would take some time explaining (and it often swings wildly depending on whether someone has pushed my buttons) but its there, don't you worry.


Anonymous Proller said...

You're right about Paul Coupar " waffling on" - in his match report of today's play he never reached the point.

4:53 PM  

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