Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The wait

Counting down the last few minutes before a test match has never been easy. In the old 9:55 days (Indian old-timers will know what I'm referring to), it was countdown to radio commentary. Then it became countdowns for television (always dreading the opening shot of the ground that showed rain clouds, or recently, drops on the bloody television camera itself!). Now, I wait for confirmation emails of payment for broadband telecasts, log in, click away, and then wait for the PC screen to spring into life. The technological trappings have changed over the years, but the anxiousness of the wait hasn't. (Its past 10 now in India, past 11:30 in Brooklyn, and my screen still hasn't come alive - the nails are starting to look like an inviting meal).

Ah, we're on - and Pathan is off to a horrendous second over, three no-balls and three boundaries already. Phew.


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