Monday, January 20, 2014

The Mystery of the Letter Writer Solved

I'm glad to note that the mystery of the letter writer has been solved (described in these two posts here (post #1) and here). I did indeed make a mistake and misattribute the letter to David Frith to the Indian team manager PR Man Singh; instead, as the scan below makes clear (sent separately to me by Brian Carpenter and Mr. Panwar Man Singh), it was indeed Man Singh Panwar who wrote the letter.

Here is the scan sent to me by Mr. Singh; click on the image for a larger version. (A better quality scan--sent to me by Brian Carpenter--can be viewed as a PDF file here):

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Blogger Satadru Sen said...

Phew! What a relief. I was afraid the chap was going to "take it to the next level." (Which can only mean Arvind Kejriwal.)

11:10 AM  

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