Thursday, August 18, 2011

Court transcript for Greig vs. Insole

One of my biggest regrets with regards to the ICL fiasco was that the ICL didn't long last enough to trigger a court case or two. It would have been interesting to see what courts (in any jurisdiction) would have made of the various national boards' actions during that sorry mess. The Indian Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission, had of course, launched an investigation into the BCCI's actions but I have no idea if a report was ever submitted. A pity; a proper legal dispute would have clarified board-player relationships and also enabled an examination of the contracts players all over the world sign (I'm particularly curious about the BCCI contracts - has anyone seen one?).

Meanwhile, for your reading pleasure, here is the transcript for perhaps the most important labor dispute in cricket history: Greig vs. Insole from 1977, shortly after World Series Cricket was launched. Here is a little summary. Here is little Wikipedia article on World Series Cricket for all the young 'uns out there (this also includes a very useful summary of Greig vs. Insole).

Here are some other significant legal disputes in cricket.

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