Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Willow TV Fail - Spreading the Joy

As comments on my posts on Willow TV(on this blog and over at Bored Cricket Crazy Indians) show, its not personal. They aren't just dicking me over. Many of their customers are getting screwed. Yesterday I heard from Peter Della Penna, who runs the Stars, Stripes and Stumps blog over at Cricinfo:
[Your experience is] Pretty much a carbon copy of my experience, from historical failures to this current debacle for access to matches post-World Cup. I've been subscribing to Willow since 2006. They wouldn't know what customer service was if it came up and bit them in the ass. The fact that they've never ever had a phone number to call for customer service and instead rely only on the support@willow.tv address for (nonexistent) communication has always lead me to believe that this was a boiler room operation and that they are completely taking the piss when they say they have a headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. I used to subscribe to the Setanta Sports broadband package in 2007 to get Champions League and Rugby World Cup matches etc., and Willow is a million miles beneath the standard that Setanta provided in every way imaginable, from customer service to web site organization to stream quality. I'm not sure who has been a worse steward of cricket in this country, Willow or USACA. It's certainly a very competitive two horse race. I'm a strong advocate of buying proper services instead of going the pirate route, but just about the only thing Willow hasn't done to piss off anyone trying to follow that path is moon them. It would be wonderful if someone else took over the rights packages they still possess.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree willow TV is having UNFAIR pracices. they do not have customer contact phone number. everything thro email support@willowtv.com. I purchased $15 per month package for Roku , It did not specify that min 3 month purchase is required. i cancelled service same day and at time of cancellation , i was told that charges for 3 months will apply. This is so unfair. i am trying to get refund and that support@willowTv is replying automated messages to me.

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