Friday, April 16, 2010

IPL loyalties settled

I finally have an assessment of the various IPL teams in terms of whether I'm able to find it within myself to "support" them. Here goes. The order reflects the current points table.
  • Mumbai Indians: Mumbai. 'Nuff said. Disqualified.

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore: Dravid, Kumble, Kallis, letting all and sundry know success in test cricket doesn't cripple a T20 player. Eminently supportable.

  • Delhi Daredevils: Delhi. 'Nuff said. Worthy of love, affection, respect, adoration.

  • Chennai Super Kings: Matty Hayden. Expelled, hopefully, never to be seen again.

  • Rajasthan Royals: Mixed feelings. Warne and Pathan, yes, but doesn't Modi have some connections with Rajasthan? Disqualified. And in retrospect, not that hard a call.

  • Deccan Chargers: Symonds. See entry for CSK above.

  • Kolkata Knight Riders: Dada. Surreal. Therefore, to be encouraged and cheered on.

  • Kings XI Punjab: Land of my forefathers. Shoulder-to-shoulder we stand. No fear.



Blogger Unknown said...

Okay, okay, this calls for a counter-offensive! :-)

- Mumbai Indians: Mumbai! 'Nuff said! Land of the brave! Seriously Samir, a 36-year-old carrying a T20 team for an entire tourney. You might wanna reconsider your regionalism in light of that :-D

- Royal Challengers Bangalore: I care about Dravid/Kumble. It's good to see KP kicking ass and taking names (Kohli). Kallis is a bore and everyone

- Delhi Daredevils: Delhi. 'Nuff said. Land of the bhaiyyas. Even though I like most of the people here (Sehwag, GG, Mishy, Nannes) I can't get over the "'s bhaiyyaland!" factor :-)

- Chennai Super Kings: I wasn't excited about Chennai until Murali Vijay stepped up. That's an interesting kid, I wanna see where his career goes.

- Rajasthan Royals: This is a seriously underachieving (yes, *ordinary*) team that pulls together occasionally. Aside from the Cinderella story of the 1st year, this is all they have ever been. Can't get excited.

- Deccan Chargers: I want them to succeed because I think India needs RP Singh and Rohit Sharma. But they've been really inconsistent (RP has been a diaster actually). And Symmo is what he is--doesn't care, and doesn't bother to hide it.

- Kolkata Knight Riders: The Feng Shui of this team is seriously fucked, no matter how much talent they pack. This is not the way anyone wants to see Ganguly finish cricket. It's not bringing out the best in him or anyone under him. Just end the pain, please.

- Kings XI Punjab: God almighty what a bunch of preening divas, and I don't mean just Yuvraj. Sangakkara's halo is losing its shine, if you ask me. Deservedly last place.

[All regional taunts meant in jest, of course ;-) ]

2:23 PM  
Blogger AgniHothra said...

hey samir
Next year with the auction once again and with teams looking to rejig their squads,Hayden and Symonds may end up with Delhi.

:-) :-) J/K


7:58 AM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

Josef: Not a bad counter-offensive. I'm with you on wanting to see RP Singh do well.

Agnihotra: God fordbid :)

8:53 AM  
Blogger Megha said...

*If* I ever support IPL teams, I would agree with u on all except one...with a relatively weaker link to Delhi as opposed to yours, I'm ok with Mumbai :-)

And it is unfortunate that I would not be able to cheer for Dhoni's team bcoz of Hayden...Hate wins over love here...maybe he'll move to Deccan next year *fingers crossed*

4:38 PM  
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Anonymous Satish said...


Mumbai Indians: Is this the most unimaginative franchise name ever? Mumbai _Indians_ ?? Seriously?

7:29 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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Blogger कर्ण-गाथा said...

Amazing way to settle loyalties to be honest and exactly the way I would have done except for CSK and DC. Dhoni, Sharma, Raina, Gilly - too good to ignore.

Just to mention a short incident... me and my colleage were discussing IPL in 2008 when it was just coming up. She said did you know what do they call the team from Bombay ? I said No...she said Mumbai Indians...pause...then she said, such a ghati name !! I was on floor laughing....
Mumbai Indians ... a whatttt !@#@$%^&

8:29 AM  

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