Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hangin' in there

Thus far, Amla and the supposedly-out-sorts Prince have dug in pretty well. 22 overs have been bowled on the fifth day and India haven't looked like taking a wicket. With Zaheer off the field, the Indian attack is blunted just a bit, but even then, this is a creditable showing by the Proteas. Amla could be headed for his second ton of the test; if he does make it, he could be the only batsman to score tons in every innings of a test 'series' (the scare quotes indicate the lack of more than two tests in this pseudo series).

While 76 more overs are supposed to be bowled, I think we are realistically looking at something like 62 or so. Plenty of time for all the twists and turns that one associates with last days of tests.

A wicket would change everything now, and everyone knows it. So even though the wicket hasn't fallen, nothing has really eased up. Of course, 22 overs have gone by and Prince has become just that much more confident. And thats not a small thing.

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