Tuesday, November 17, 2009

India versus Sri Lanka (late 2nd day)

From the comments section of the last post (written in anticipation of the 2nd day's play):
The Indian score as it stands now, could easily turn into a 430 all out
And Sri Lanka have done well so far at 236-3 as play heads into the last half-hour.

This is always a tricky little session of play and the key for the bowling side is to prevent it being a routine playing out of time. The fact that the spinners are on should prevent that from happening, though honestly the fields for neither bowler look particularly aggressive (come to think of it, Harbhajan going round the wicket doesn't strike me as an attacking move). But credit where it's due: Sarmaweera and Jayawardene could have had something to do with the way things are playing out right now.

Time for the morning coffee.

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Blogger Harin said...

heyyy.. was searching some blogs with the keyword cricket, n came across ur blog. nice interesting posts.. good to knw that ther r die hard fans following this great game even frm miles away.. keep posting.

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