Monday, October 19, 2009

Giving up and hoping

Yes, its true. I checked out for a while. I've tried on a couple of occasions this year to get excited about T20 cricket. It didn't work in the IPL; it worked in the WC; and it hasn't worked in the Champions League. I think I'm going to give up on club cricket. I'm too much of an old fart clearly. I consider myself a pretty flexible person but I don't think this format will work for me. I've given it a decent shot; time to call curtains.

That said, I'll probably pay some attention to the T&T team in the Champions League, just because it's nice to see a West Indies team do well, and just because Daren Ganga did make a big deal about representing the Windies in this tourney.

That done, the India-Australia ODI series awaits and while I think the seven-match series is typical overkill, I will still catch parts of it. I will be in a much more favorable timezone for part of the series (as I will be traveling in Taiwan for a week) so that should help a little bit.

Unfortunately, I find myself afflicted by a sneaky feeling of hollowness: when the team gathered to play on the world's stage this year, it fell down. I suspect only a test win against the Proteas next year will help. Fingers crossed.

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Anonymous Krish said...

I don't know about the IPL - I was skeptical initially, but once you pick a team, then it works out well. It was nice in the first IPL - we had the Rajasthan Royals - a good Cinderella story.

The Champions League was too short and the teams too unknown for any interest to be sustained.

12:34 PM  
Blogger David Mutton said...

Samir - I hear you, I've actually not seen a game of this tournament and barely any of the Champions Trophy. Roll on winter tests I say...

8:36 PM  
Blogger David Barry said...

I wasn't able to get into T20 cricket at all until I went to a domestic game a few seasons ago. I used to go to around five days of state cricket a year, and the crowd at the T20 game was twice as large as all the other crowds combined. It was heaps of fun. Once I had got myself to just sit back and have fun watching it, I enjoyed it a lot more, even if it's on the TV and I'm not part of the crowd.

I've enjoyed the Champions League a lot. Seeing the various domestic teams has been really interesting. I'm just disappointed that because of the time difference, all the remaining games will start at half-past midnight.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

Krish: Honestly, I tried. I think I'm just a nationalist :)

David M: I'm eagerly awaiting the tests even though there are not many classic encounters lined up.

David B: I think it might change for me if I was back in India watching it with some friends. I remember getting a little into the IPL final when I was watching it with a few folks. It hasn't helped (during the CL) that the games have happened during work hours (and I've been busy).

6:13 AM  

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