Monday, June 01, 2009

A world cup is at hand

I like games between national representative sides. Even if they are only warm-up games. I like lots of different formats for cricket. Even T20. All of which is a long-winded way of saying that I'm happy the T20 World Cup has started.



Blogger Gaurav Sethi said...

Samir, this is the start, four warm-up matches Live today, next the nets will be telecast, and then, Kirsten giving them a catch, and we'll lap it all up.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Thiru Cumaran said...

Like Amrit Mathur said in some Indian newspaper on Cricinfo Surfer, I just get the feeling that the T20WC won't be as exciting as the just all feels so underwhelming...I am a Sri Lankan, Samir, but I have no idea why but I just get so excited (maybe an orgasm pops in once in a while) whenever the IPL comes about...:(

However, the prospect of seeing a wildcard team like Pakistan or WI sure does excite me...:)

1:39 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Samir and Tragic, you guys have a lot of fortitude to be enthusiastic about Yet Another T20 Tourney. I am absolutely T20'd out after watching the IPL. I would normally have echoed Samir's enthusiasm for seeing national sides but now I hope we (India) go down in flames, just so that the IPL suffers from the fickleness of the typical Indian fan.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Thiru Cumaran said...


Hmm...that doesn't sound like such a bad thing...perhaps we could hope for India to exit in the Super8 stage! ....

12:43 AM  

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