Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A winner of two awards

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a twofer. A test cricketer has managed to simultaneously bag the Chewing-the-Cud and the Green-Energy-Initiative Awards. And it is none other than Owais Shah, whose rapidly moving facial muscles while chewing gum indicate extensive workouts (perhaps in the privacy of his hotel room while admiring himself in the portable full-length mirror he must carry around). If we could hook up a turbine to that jaw, we could easily power a small Caribbean island (perhaps Antigua?). Bravo Owais; your jaw muscles were evident from the time you descended on the test arena, yapping away at fielders while you batted, thus neatly rendering fielder-batsman communications full-duplex, but now the world-saving potential of that physical effort has become apparent.

Gee, I've jinxed him; he's just lost his middle-peg to Powell.


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