Friday, July 25, 2008

Now, this is what I call cricket

Someone must have carted in truckloads of the smelly stuff to the SSC because the Indians are deep in it at 131-4. Murali and Mendis have both struck. Mendis bowling Dravid with an absolute beauty and Murali dismissing Tendulkar with one that was spinning away but was edged on to the stumps during an attempted leave. Watching Murali and Mendis together is an absolute treat, and I can only hope that the remaining overs in this day are not affected. Laxman and Ganguly are batting; both are unlikely to simply block. This is pure, unadulterated pleasure - a bat versus ball contest for the ages. (And I'm wide awake now so the damn light better stay good).

And good Lord, Ganguly has gone and top-edged a sweep into backward square-leg's hands. Smellier and smellier.


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