Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Five not so good points

Ashok Malik, who appears to be a reasonably thoughtful blogger, feels, as does just about anyone who can see the T20 storm looming, that test cricket is on its way out in India (and in other places). That part of the analysis works; what doesn't seem plausible is his five-point solution. Perhaps the first might be implemented, that suggests no more associate members be granted test status, but why is that an issue now, and how would that help? The second, that Bangladesh and Zimbabwe be derecognised, is a non-starter; the third, that no test series feature less than four tests will be laughed at all day long by the BCCI ; the fourth also does not stand a chance in India, which will only play test matches when it feels like it; the fifth will happen, but not for the reasons that Malik imagines (you know what the real ones are). But Malik is right that this test series between India and South Africa has been sacrificed to the IPL. As will others down the line (at least those featuring India for starters).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The next edition of IPL coincides with NZ-India Test tour.

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