Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No to Sir, with love

Can the English Prime Minister Gordon Brown really be as naive or ignorant as his suggestion that Sachin Tendulkar be knighted seems to indicate? Just to bring you up to date Hon. Prime Minister, India became a sovereign democratic republic on January 26th, 1950. Its citizens don't accept knighthoods (aka "taps on the shoulder from old German ladies"). You might want to reserve those for countries that still feature the Union Jack in their flags. (Or you might want to give a second one to Ian Botham seeing as he was so over the moon on becoming Sir Bottom).


Blogger The Atheist said...

I'm not sure whether Gordy suggested that Sachin receive a knighthood, I think you are correct in pointing out that only British citizens can be selected into this, ahem, noble order.

He may have said that he could get a CBE - which is a commonwealth version of the MBE. This isn't a knighthood, it just means you get a silly medal and some more letters behind your name.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...


The reports I read indicated him suggesting knighthood. But who knows? I don't know if as much of a fuss would have been made if he had only suggested a CBE.

This business of knighthood comes up quite frequently in India as well, and people need to be reminded that there is a technical reason why it doesn't happen.

In any case, standing ovations from at opponent's venues, and the respect of your peers counts for much more.


11:24 AM  

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