Friday, November 30, 2007

Go the ICL!

Its funny, theres a test match on between India and Pakistan, but all I feel like writing about is a Twenty20 tournament that started today. I'm glad the ICL is here; I wish them all luck. Too many players in India simply don't make a proper living from cricket, and even those that do have to deal with a feudalistic monopoly in the form of the BCCI. The ICL has been sneered at aplenty by all and sundry, and its had some of its glory stolen by the IPL but they have so much financial clout for now, that it's being able to put on a show and generate some hype. Its international stars are, admittedly, a superannuated lot, but the Indian contingent is young and in some cases, impressive in terms of their cricketing abilities. I've already seen one very good player - the left-arm spinner Ali Murtaza - today and look forward to seeing more. Once again, more power to the ICL; I hope they appoint a legal team and start contesting the BCCI's ludicrous restrictions on their activities, and also help some of their younger recruits in their dealings with the BCCI. The BCCI is being colossally stupid in their handling of this scenario; it would be nice to see it being taught some sense in the courtrooms of the land. Has anyone at the BCCI thought about how they could have co-operated with the ICL to develop cricketing talent in India? No - because that would have required them to think about the game, and thats one thing they can't do. Go on ICL, I'm cheering for you.


Blogger Birbal said...

Good post Samir.

You are not alone, there are lots of us out there who would love to see the BCCI and its fuedalistic monopoly over Indian cricket end.

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